Coconut Grove Arts Festival®

Celebrating Art, History, and Community in Miami's Original Art District
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Our Mission

Empowering Art and Artists in South Florida The Coconut Grove Arts Festival® is more than just an event. Produced by the non-profit Coconut Grove Arts and Historical Association, a 501(c)(3) organization, we’ve been fostering the arts since 1963. Our festival’s proceeds are dedicated to funding year-round arts programs, enriching our community and nurturing the next generation of artists.

Our History

From a Clothesline Art Fair to a National Phenomenon In 1963, inspired by the artistic charm of Parisian exhibitions, Charlie Cinnamon, a New York native and a Miami arts visionary, transformed the streets of Coconut Grove. What started as a small outdoor art show for the Coconut Grove Playhouse has evolved into one of the largest and most prestigious outdoor arts festivals in the country. Today, we continue to honor Charlie’s legacy, bringing diverse art forms to the heart of South Florida every Presidents’ Day weekend.

2024 Initiatives

A Year-Round Commitment to Arts Education The Coconut Grove Arts Festival® goes beyond its three-day showcase. Our commitment to art education in South Florida is a year-long endeavor. We believe in nurturing future artists, making a lasting impact on our community, and touching lives throughout the year with our initiatives.

Education & Outreach Programs

Annual Scholarships

Investing in Tomorrow’s Artists We’re proud to offer $45,000 in scholarships annually to 15 talented seniors from local public arts high schools. Celebrating over 27 years of our scholarship program, we’re committed to supporting the artistic journey of Miami-Dade County’s brightest young talents.

Emerging Artists Program

Shaping the Next Generation of Artists Our reimagined Emerging Artists program mentors aspiring artists, providing them with the tools and knowledge to kickstart their art show careers.

FIU Scholarship Program

Fostering Talent at FIU In partnership with FIU, we award $30,000 annually, split among 10 winners through 2026, amounting to a total of $90,000 over three years. This program is a testament to our investment in the future of arts education.

Join Us in Celebrating Art and Community

Experience the vibrancy of art in Miami’s original art district. Immerse yourself in visual, performing, and culinary arts this Presidents’ Day weekend at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival®.